Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hello again

bad me, I've been neglecting my blog.

Well, I'm working out of home again, at a new hospital-in-the-city. I didn't realize how stressed I was working at the county until I left work one day smiling. I don't get to see as many of my Somalian mamas anymore but I'm enjoying working with our newest wave of immigrants, the Karen people of Burma/Myanmar (I'm still sorting out what the best name for this country is, I believe Myanmar might actually be more colonialist, I'm looking into it).

I'm dragging my heels getting back into school, I think I'm not looking forward to statistics. Sad indeed.

On other fronts I have decided to yank my kiddo out of school and unschool him next year. I am STOKED. No more will he learn that Abraham Lincoln was "the great emancipator" and other lock, stock, and crock. It's trips to the museum, IWW meetings, forays into funky scavenged architectural stores and hopefully a trip to see Wicked, when it comes to town.

I'm busy getting ready for the RNC, coming to a hometown near you, you can bet your butt that if it was the DNC I'd be just as busy. I'll be working as a street medic on day one, with other plans later in the convention.

I'm loving my CSA and encourage everyone and anyone to check out this awesome way of supporting local organic agriculture for not much dinero. Who knew that the tastiest quiche I've ever had would be one made of wild ramps, stinging nettles, and sorrel.

I'm hoping to bring BOLD (birth on labor day) to Minneapolis, I loved doing The Vagina Monologues years ago in college. Birth is like fire these days, everyone is inflamed!

Just a quick update, more musings and meanderings soon.