Monday, September 10, 2007

The Universe Responds?

I had my 36 week prenatal a few days ago, it was SO good to see my primary midwife who'd been on "sabbatical" for the summer. Baby looks great perfect straight OA at that moment, measuring RIGHT at dates, wiggling like crazy (this baby isn't much of a kicker)with heart tones in the 120's (which I got to hear through the fetoscope! It's always been way too subtle for me prior to this). Basically a boringly normal healthy pregnancy which is JUST FINE with me. I want this pregnancy and birth to be just about downright dull for my midwives.

So after chatting for a good hour about travel and sex and food and swollen ankles and good books and nesting, you know, all the normal stuff that comes up at prenatals, my midwife's partner and the woman who has been giving me such marvelous care in my midwife's absence, mentioned that another midwife and friend of hers was looking for a midwife's assistant and would I mind if she gave her my name.

Would I mind?

I was overjoyed! Could it be just that simple? The answer to my question AND an opportunity to jump back on that convoluted path?

Well, I don't have the position yet but I'm hopeful and excited for the possibility.

I'm also excited about the fact that on Saturday I was voted one of three "at large" board members of the Childbirth Collective, here in Minnesota. I hope to take it in a slightly more radical directions, especially reaching out to underserved communities such as young and urban mothers and moms of color. I was also really pleased that another of the doulas elected to the position was a doula of color. It's about damn time.

Change is slow to come, but as Alice Walker said "We are the ones we have been waiting for".

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